Technical Data ​Stainless steel Tie rod system

Ad P2H tie rod system-3
 Torque and Pin checking
Torque installation
​Pin checking and securing
- ​SRS
SRS torque
Pin checking

Adjusting tension onto a rod assembly require precise manoeuvres. Tightening the Tension Rod unevenly or too fast may induce galling onto the thread.  As a general practice, apply equal force on both ends of the rod assembly in synchronized order at a torque rate of not faster than 15 sec per revolution.

Adjust ment tensile rod
Adjust simultaneously from both ends of tensile rod.

Once the entire rod assembly is complete, the pin screw should be securely tightened and glued to avoid any accidentals loosening due to vibration. Use  or equivalent for this application. Follow maintenance and checkup procedure as described in page 19.

NOTE : The Loctite name is a registered trademark of Henkel AG. Strudyna claims no representation or association of any from to the loctite brand, product or company. The loctite glue is suggested as an excellent adhesive to be used with Strudyna stainless steel items.