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» Thread engagement and checkup.
Thread engagement

There are 4 scenarios that a thread engagement can appear on any tensile tie-rod installation.

Middle Adjustment

The Middle adjustment position is where you'll want to set both forks to be aligned prior to installation. A marking line on the rod shows this position with locknut in place. This will be the ideal place where the assembly is set after full installation tensioning.

Full in Adjustment

Full in adjustment position is where the entire thread is engaged inside the tensile fork. This position is safe. However, check if this will mean the assembly did not reach it's required pre-tensioning on installation. If installation tension is not achieved, the tensile rod must be shortened properly. Contact your local agent for suggestions and procedure.


Full out Adjustment

Full out adjustment position is when the rod thread is just covered by the lock nut. This position is safe after installation tensioning.


Danger Area Adjustment

Thread exposed adjustment. Thread exposed adjustment is when thread is fully exposed for more than 3mm. from a fully tighten lock nut. This setup is unsafe, as there will not be enough threads engaged on the tensile fork. Contact your local Strudyna agent for solutions.