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NBIA (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

Project Title : Main Terminal Building

Location : Bangkok , Thailand

Owner : New Bangkok International Airport Co.,Ltd

Architect : Murphy/Jahn Inc., Chicago

Year of construction : 2004

nbia - 6

Established in 1996 under the Ministry of Transport, with the Airports of Thailand Pcl. (AOT) as its only shareholder, the New Bangkok International Airport Co.,Ltd. (NBIA) is completely responsible for the construction of Suvarnabhumi Airport . Upon Completion, NBIA will merge with AOT and Suvarnabhumi Airport will be operated by AOT.


The main structure, a vertical truss, is a round, mild steel post held by a horizontal cable truss and compression cable truss on the top. Also, a spring block is there to support the movement from wind loads. DL rod connect through a spyder on a vertical plane. The structure's main materials are steel, stainless steel and glass. A spreader of horizontal cable truss is made from stainless steel pipe to resist buckling but is still less weight.

The building of Suvarnabhumi Airport comes at a time when the modern technologies of both the construction industry, its materials and construction techniques, together with the infrastructure, equipment and myriad systems to be installed, are all of the most technologically advanced in the world.


The main terminal building was designed by the MJTA group of consultants;  the passenger terminal complex (comprising the terminal itself as well as the concourse) covers an area of 182,000m. Seven floors and a basement will give the terminal a total floor area of over 563,000m (six million ft ) making it the largest in the world. An innovative glass facade has been designed and engineered to shade the building against the intense tropical sun and reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Project Design
Renovation of Central World Plaza

Project Title : External Glass Facade
Location : Bangkok , Thailand
Owner : Central Pattana Pubilc Company
Architect : Architect 49 Limited
Year of construction : 2005
CWP -1
This, Bangkok's busiest shopping and tourist district, was originally called the World Trade Center; the eight-storey mall was opened in 1990.The Central Group acquired the property in 2002 from the Wang Petchaboon group and soon thereafter renamed it CentralWorld

Anticipating the opening of the luxury Siam Paragon, Central Pattana started massive renovations and expansion on the site in 2003 by bringing in the advanced technology of glass facade construction for the exterior wall with a big LCD screen incorporated.

Horizontal trusses will be the main structure of each bay which consist of stainless steel dyform wire rope (dia. 16 mm.) with a PAPAYA fitting system and stainless steel round bar (dia. 30 mm.-spreader). Stainless steel spyder fittings with hair line finish will be connected to the horizontal trusses by joining at the spreader and each horizontal truss will be joined by DL rod vertically.


The original mall structure was 300,000 square meters. In 2006, after three years of design and renovation, the expansion plans boosted that to 550,000 square meters as it became the largest lifestyle shopping complex in  both Thailand and Southeast Asia.


Project Design
Extension of Zen

Project Title : Extension of ZEN
Location : Bangkok , Thailand
Owner : Central Pattana Public company
Architect : D G & C Co., Ltd
Year of construction : 2006


ZEN, Asia's 1st lifestyle trend mega store is part of the massive upgrade of the entire Central World complex. Making its debut in December 2006, it has 7 levels totaling a whopping 50,000 square meters of space, topped by 13 levels of ZEN World with another 30,000 square meters of lifestyle services in one spectacular building.

Zen 10

Zen 9
                    Zen 8

Bow truss is made from 20 mm. thick mild steel plate joined with countersunk bolt and cable fastening inside the glass wall vertically which make it resemble a bow, as its name suggests. Horizontal cable truss at levels 2 and 4 will twist across through the bow truss continuously which is held back by a cable tied to concrete. At gridline 5  a movement joint will allow the facade to move up and down due to the movement of the earth in the future.

Project Design
SUNTEC Singapore

Project Title : Upgrading of Suntec Singapore
Location : Suntec city, Singapore
Owner : The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 2197
Architect : Liu & Wo Architects Pte Ltd
Year of construction : 2006


Officially opened 30 August 1995, Suntec Singapore is a world-renowned, international venue that has the perfect location for meetings, conventions and exhibitions.

Suntec Singapore
is at the heart of a self-contained, totally integrated events infrastructure. In addition to its first-class facilities, Suntec Singapore offers direct access to 5,200 hotel rooms, 1,000 retail stores, 300 restaurants and the region's new centre for the performing arts, Esplanade  Theatres on the Bay.

Suntec 2

Suntec 3

Suntec 4
Suntec 5
Suntec 6

The BFM office building was renovated in 2005 to bring the energy back to their staff with more sunshine and being closer to the environment with a transparent glass facade. The metal frame facade system. which is easy  to construct as in a small office budding. was used for this project.

Established in 1996 under the Ministry of Transport, with the Airports of Thailand Pcl. (AOT) as its only shareholder, the New Bangkok International Airport Co.,Ltd. (NBIA) is completely responsible for the construction of Suvarnabhumi Airport . Upon Completion, NBIA will merge with AOT and Suvarnabhumi Airport will be operated by AOT.

In 2006, the old facade was upgraded with a new design and technology called the point-fixed glass facade system. A mild steel tube is the main structure as a vertical truss combining with assembled dyform wire rope. To support it horizontally, the design is made to look like a fish bone with welded pipe with cast ends . The new design of facade will provide more natural light inside the building and a more spacious look.

Project Design
Renovation of BFM Building

Project Title : Renovation of BFM Building
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Owner : BFM Co., LtdYear of construction : 2005
Year of construction : 2005



BFM 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Project Design
Ratchada Tower

Project Title : Rachada Tower
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Owner : Best forture Property and Loan Fund.
Architect : Robert G.Boughty and Associates Co.,Ltd.      
Year of construction : Under construction.

Strudyna Spider Bangkok TH Project Ratchada Tower  08-001


 Ratchada 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Strudyna Spider Bangkok TH Project Ratchada Tower  08-021

ratchada 2

Strudyna Spider Bangkok TH Project Ratchada Tower  08-113