​Wire rope Construction

wire rope construction
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Wire Rope Basics

Wires are the basic building blocks of wire rope, and are manufactured by “drawing down” rod to specific sizes required.

 These wires are then organized to lay around a “centre” in a specified pattern, in one or more layers, to form a strand.

 Strands then lay around a “core” to form a wire rope.

 Wire rope is constructed with dozens – even hundreds of individual wires, which are formed or fabricated to move or operate at close tolerance to one another

construction cable 2
                                   construction cable

The size and number of wires in each strand, as well as the size and number of strands in each wire rope, determines the flexibility and the resistance to abrasive wear.

 Each wire rope and strand has many variable components that are important to understand so that you are able to choose the appropriate product for your industry. These components include:

                1.            Construction;

                2.            Size/Diameter;

                3.            Lay;

                4.           Core;

                5.            Preforming;

                6.            Tensile Strenght; and

                7.          Types of Wire Used


Cable strudyna-1


Wire Rope Construction

The wire rope and strand constructions currently available in the HAMMA range are illustrated below.
The correct diameter of a wire rope is the diameter of a circumscribed circle that will enclose all the strands. It is the largest cross-sectional measurement as shown below.


     hamma X

hamma X

 hamma pro

Hamma pro-1

                                                                                                                                                                                                      hamma Mega

Hamma mega-2