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AISI 316 HAMMA-Mega configuration and Cable strengths

HAMMA Mega was developed for the most grand of architectural designs. Three years in the making, our technology combines a uniquely high standard of fatigue resisting wires, compacted by multiple composite compress moldings, to achieve its high tensile properties. HAMMA Mega comes with a full range of terminations available, including P2H Adjusters, Basic B3 and SRS Duplex. Cable assemblies are manufactured to order, including a pre-stressing capability, and are ideally suited for compression trusses and cable net facades. The HAMMA Mega‘s incredible range of size means what was previously unattainable in stainless steel for architecture is now achievable from Structural Dynamics.

 Moreover, its small profile to tensile ratio means they offer an unparalleled transparency and performance to the glass facade. Combining the stainless steels ease of maintenance in both outdoor and indoor situations, compact cables are the perfect solution to modern tensile structure designs.
Hamma mega-2


Design  -   Made by demand! With stainless steels unique aesthetic
and tensile  appeal, an increasing number of exposed, tensile  structural
designs demanded our development of a range to accommodate the Mega
sized cable projects of today and tomorrow. Our  answer – HAMMA Mega
 – with our 42mm  stainless cable the largest stainless strand on the market.
Material            : AISI 316 1.4401
Cable Size        : 20mm-42mm
Surface            : Bright Shine

Specific features:

                   -    Low stretch.

                   -    Higher comparative breaking strain.

                   -    Wide cable size range.

                   -     Compatible with both splicing and swaging.

                   -     Good corrosion resistance



Order No.
  Size Construction      Weight        per
100  Meters.
Limit Tension  MBL
  Item               Size               Length           (mm)       (kg)     (kN)            (kN)             
00​20 0000 ​20 1x37 ​201 ​186.6 ​311
CM37 0022 0000 ​22 1x37 ​243 ​227.4 ​379
00​24 0000 ​24 1x37 ​295 ​273.6 ​456
    00​28 0000 ​28 1x37 ​392 ​374.4 ​624
C​M37, CM61
HAMMA ​Mega ​1x​​​37, 1x61

Technical Data
Cable material  : AISI316
Construction     : Spiral strand
Configuration    :  1x​37= 1+​6+​12+18
                       :  1x​​61= 1+​6+​12+18+24
Module of elasticity  : 1​32+/-10 kN/mm2 
Note                 : Limit tension is calculated at 60% of 
Tap                  : 2​8.1

Order No.
Size Construction Weight per
100 Meters.
Limit Tension MBL
  Item                Size              Length         (mm)                (kg)                  (kN) (kN)          
00​​30 0000 ​​30 1x​61 ​​452 ​​463.8 ​​773
CM​61 00​34 0000 ​​34 1x​61 ​580 ​566.4 ​​944
00​​36 0000 ​​36 1x​61 ​650 ​​580.2 ​967
    00​42 0000 ​​42 1x​61 ​​844 ​672.0 ​1,120